August Le Metier de Beaute Beauty Vault VIP Subscription Box

Every now and then I decide to do something like subscribe to a subscription box. The 2017 Le Metier de Beaute VIP is a once a year subscription to their VIP Beauty Vault.

Details of the Program:

As the leading authority in high performance make up and skincare, Le Metier de Beaute created the VIP Program as a commitment to expanding the reach of LMdB products to all ages, all races, all sexes and all corners of the planet. VIP clients are treated to a monthly shipment of product that is diverse, collaborative and trendsetting. From new custom formulations, available only to VIP clients, pre-launch retail products and existing superstar best sellers, VIP clients are treated to an array of what the world of Le Metier de Beaute has to offer everyone.

Sign up begins May 8, 2017
One Time Annual Fee of $348 ($29/month for 12 months)
Shipping is included
First shipment is August 1, 2017
One full-sized item or an assortment of items shipped to you at the beginning of each month
Curated mix of color, skincare, pre-release sneak peaks, lab previews and exclusives

This is the first month for me and the August box is curated in collaboration with Nina Rand. The only reason I grabbed this box is because I saw sneak peeks that they collaborated with bloggers The Beauty Look Book and Beauty Professor.

This month’s box has a sneak peek of a new product–The Detoxifying Charcoal & Coconut Face Mask. There’s no size listed on the product as it’s packaged in a simple sample jar. It looks to be about 15-20 mL in size. It looks like you’ll get about 3-4 uses out of the jar at most. Details from the card in the box:

The texture of the mask is a creamy gel thin paste. It’s a thinner texture that dries down fairly quickly to a dry sheet that can be peeled off. It smells terrible in the jar with a strong alcohol plastic like scent. Don’t expect a coconut scent. It must have to do with the nature of being a peel off mask. The texture has a slight grit to it from the suspended charcoal particles. The mask is a medium grey in color with black specks throughout.

I applied a thick layer as suggested to clean skin and it took about ten minutes to fully dry. It was easy to peel off. After peeling the mask off it did leave my skin tighter and my pores looked smaller. It had an overall tightening effect. While it smells terrible in the jar it does give a nice perk up tightening effect in ten minutes.

So last question to be asked is–Is this mask worth $29 (which is what the monthly breakdown cost of the subscription is)? I can’t answer that until I see how much the retail is for a full size jar as this is just a preview. Le Metier de Beaute is a pricey luxury brand so it may work out that this mask is worth $29 for the smaller size it is. This August box is probably on the lower end of value being closer to the $29 paid for it.

Typically with a subscription box the first month would be a high value box. That’s why people subscribe to these boxes to get a higher value than what they paid for it. Meaning you expect to get more than a $29 value every month. That first box is supposed to be that “wow I’m so happy I subscribed to that box” box. This month seemed a bit lackluster in it’s value. The product is great, who doesn’t like to try a sneak peek?

It just wasn’t what I expected for a first box especially when it’s $348 for a year. Plus my jar has a leaked a little around the edges when I opened it. This must be one of those subscriptions where you have some months that are high in value and some are low. Did you subscribe to this box? How do you feel about the selection for this month?


  1. This is my second year in the VIP program. I thought this month's was disappointing, too, but mainly because I can't use any products that contain methylisothiazolinone. Their oil cleanser contains it, too, and that was one of last year's products. Overall, I enjoy the program and think it's worth it. I just added up the cost of the products that I could remember from last year and it totaled $1349. It included full size liquid eyeliner, cleansing water, mascara, eyeshadow palette, eye kaleidoscope, lip kaleidoscope, after glow foundation, lip serum, oil cleaser, eye masks(3 at $150 a pop), and the ultra replenishing lotion. I think, on the whole, you'll be pleased, but I'm not sure why they chose to start it off with a sample product this year either.
    Take care,

  2. I subscribed to LMDBs program since it began but this year I decided not to. You are right, some months are great and others not so much. Too many of the blah months so I would rather put that money towards products I really like. Glad you reviewed this because I was curious about what I missed.

  3. Hi, that's kind of what I was figuring. Some months will be low some will be high and I'll be happy to see how it pans out over the year. But yeah usually you always start the first month with a bang so I thought that was odd.

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