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Here’s a look at some things I’ve been playing with. I am not a matte liquid lipstick lover at all. However, Charlotte Tilbury’s new Hollywood Lips in Charlotte Darling had me trying one. Described as a creamy beige nude this pink nude has enough color to not wash me out yet it’s not too dark of a nude. It’s lightweight, long lasting and doesn’t dry or crack like some matte liquid lipsticks. It feels more moist than most styles of lipstick like this. I liked it better than most matte liquid lipsticks, but it’s still a liquid lipstick. It’s still drying no matter what. More to come.

The new MILK MAKEUP Holographic Highlighting Powder in Mars is exactly what I wanted the previous creamy version to be. A warm peach with a strong pink holographic shift, this pigmented powder can warm up the cheeks and add a definite wow factor. More to come.

I adore Natasha Denona’s Eyeshadows. They are an amazing pigmented smooth texture. I grabbed three more shades Pinija, Gray Brown and Suede. I swatched and reviewed them here. Oddly I bought these as separate add to my palette shades, yet they work really well together. I’ve been using Gray Brown all over the whole lid, Pinija in the ‘outer v’ and outer third under the eye. I have then been lightly patting Suede on the lid on top blending it in. Just as a light wash. This warms it up the eye and blends the shades together.

I love nude lipsticks. Lipstick Queen’s new Nothing But The Nudes Collection had me intrigued.
Featuring three gorgeous shades with individual interpretations of what makes a perfect nude: The rich texture delivers the perfect amount of pigment with an ideal sheen to show off your nude. Enriched with natural oils, waxes and anti-oxidant Vitamin E, these smooth, luxe and comfortable nudes are super-charged with hydrating nutrients to impart a modern, vinyl-like look and feel to the lips. Effortlessly chic and universally flattering, this is a collection for the nude obsessed and the nuances that go into a beautiful nude experience.

I grabbed The Whole Truth as the other two shades were darker and cooler than I expected. The Whole Truth is described as a Perfect Peachy Nude. It’s more of a creamy medium pink nude with a warm undertone. The finish has a glossy sheen and it has light pigmentation. This isn’t as sheer as some really traditional sheer lipsticks. It still has a good amount of color. This is more hydrating than the Butterfly Ball shades. I love the colors of that range but they tend to dry my lips out by the end of the day. Now this is similar to those but it’s a touch thicker, creamier and a bit more hydrating. It’s still not the most cushy, creamy, hydrating lipstick formula out there. It’s a good nude shade that will suit many.

Paul & Joe Beaute’s Fall 2017 collection had a new pink cat lipstick case and they revamped their regular lipsticks into a slimmer design. I grabbed Lipstick N (Natural) in 214 Paris Metro described as Reminiscent of fall in Paris and noble pink. Natural is the sheer natural lipstick line. There’s also a Clear or very sheer line with only a few bright shades and the Full Coverage range.

Lipstick N (Natural) is a light coverage, thin lipstick with a glossy sheen. It’s hydrating while on the lips but once it wears off, within two hours after applying, my lips are dry. This is one formula I found to be more drying as the day goes on. It has no discernible scent or taste. The shade Paris Metro is a creamy medium cooler beige pink. I have shade 206 Muguent Rose to try too which looks more light beige pink but with the formula being so dry I’m not sure I’m going to like that color anymore than I do this one. It’s really the formula not the color I’m not into.

ORIBE Lip Lust Crème Lipstick in Super Natural is what I waned The Nude to be. The Nude was too light for me. This is a creamy, opaque full coverage light medium nude pink. It’s in the warmer nude family. Read my review of The Nude here. Same lovely formula. This one has been in high rotation for me. This was favorite of the new nude lipsticks I grabbed.

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Minerale is my first full sized Tom Ford fragrance purchase. I usually grab samples and decants. I had a hefty ebates reward to Sephora which made grabbing this and easy yes. I love sea scents but usually stay away from oud scents as they’re normally too heavy and smokey for my tastes. Oud Minérale merges rare and precious oud with the fresh exuberance of the ocean, capturing the refreshing play of surf and sea against the burning flame of smoked wood. Tom Ford’s reinvention of oud marks an olfactive watershed that pairs two of the world’s most intriguing elements to reveal tonalities both exhilarating and powerfully transcendent.

Notes–Salty Seaweed, Pink Peppercorn, Oud Blend, Styrax, Ambergris Accord, Fir Balsam. This blends a hint of oud in with a sea scent and adds some spice with pink pepper. It’s not too oud, smokey or heavy. It adds spice, warmth and a hint of smoke to a sea scent. Absolutely love it. This has been in high rotation for me. If you like Heeley Sel Marin or Hermes Epice Marine you’ll love this one. More to come.

I wasn’t sure how I would like the new EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser as I was never into the original cleanser because it was too heavy for me. I’m obsessed with oil gel balm style cleansers like this. They remove my makeup and don’t strip my skin. Yet they rinse clean with water not requiring a muslin cloth. This one has an odd citrus clove scent. I never used the original cleanser so I wasn’t used to it. It takes a bit to get used to but that’s really the only issue I could see with why some people wouldn’t like this cleanser. It’s very much like my beloved OSKIA Renaissance Cleanser in texture. More to come.

Top to Bottom–MILK MAKEUP Mars, Lipstick Queen The Whole Truth, Paul & Joe Paris Metro, Oribe Super Natural, Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Darling:


  1. I love Super Natural although I think it's actually a tad cooler than The Nude (which I love, but not quite as much as Super Natural! The Nude is very similar to Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect on me.)

    I feel like compared to the original three, out of which I have The Red as well as The Nude, these ones have a more satiny texture, less creamy but in a good way. I picked up Imperial Rose too and it's beautiful, not too bright!

    Glad to hear you had good luck with the Charlotte Tilbury liquid lipsticks. Unfortunately, they were a huge miss for me were probably the least comfortable liquid lipstick I have tried. The shades do look lovely on other people though and I cannot wait till the LE Xmas lipsticks!!

  2. The Nude was lighter on me than Bitch Perfect. I ended up getting rid of The Nude so sadly I don't have it anymore to compare. It was just too pale for me.

    I still ultimately didn't like the CT liquid lipsticks but that's only because I don't like any matte liquid lipsticks. They're all too drying for me.

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