Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette: Review & Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury just released a new limited edition holiday eyeshadow palette–The Instant Eye Palette contains four eye looks. Details per Charlotte Tilbury:

Darlings, this is for all seasons, all occasions! My Instant Eye Palette, inspired by Charlotte’s smokey eye legacy, is a REVOLUTIONARY control-pressed palette that will change the way you apply your eye makeup for perfect application EVERY TIME. Imagine a palette that was the Little Black Dress of the makeup universe… the most glamorous, gorgeous, gold suitcase in a unique mirrored lightweight compact, perfect for popping in your handbag! Whether you want to create a natural look, a sophisticated smokey eye, divine date night makeup or rock chick party eye, this eyeshadow palette gives you an instant airbrushed look with NEW shades in a fantastic new LIMITED EDITION formula. The looks in this palette include: The Day Look, The Desk Look, The Date Look, The Disco Look.

The packaging is the usual rose gold metal as come to be expected from Charlotte Tilbury. The four looks contain three shades: Prime, Enhance and Smoke. This palette is limited edition for the holidays and retails for $75.

The Day Look for a fresh, natural eye makeup look, with a delicate matte cream, shimmering neutral brown & taupe matte perfection. The Day Look is very light, subdued and cool toned. With a cool matte cream, shimmery light gray taupe and matte warm gray. It’s very day appropriate and light overall in tone.

The shimmery shades in this palette are smooth, most like the ones in her normal quads. The matte shades in this palette (minus the black) have the same texture as the mattes in The Sophisticate quad. While they’re not really dry, they’re not really smooth or buttery. They’re overall a bit dry compared to other matte brands. They’re also going to take a little more work to blend out. The texture of this palette is not smooth and buttery like the newer Instant Look in a Palette I have grown to love.

The Desk Look with pink champagne, chocolate brown & caramel shades, this smokey eye is the perfect power of makeup look for work. The Desk Look is very warm and caramel toned overall. It contains a shimmery rose gold beige, medium matte caramel brown and a matte warm medium toned brown. This is a bit too warm for me in general. The smoke shade of this one works well to define and can be mixed with the other looks.

The Date Look has sultry, shimmering mauve-cocoa and chocolate shades for the ultimate smokey, soft and dreamy eye makeup. The Date Look starts to get into the glitter arena. It contains a shimmery taupe, glittery rose brown and matte deep cool chocolate brown. The glittery shade has the same texture and feel as the pop shades in her normal quads. Its not my favorite of her shades I never use them, but this one is quite pigmented compared to some of the other pop shades.

The Disco Look is the go-to party eye! Indulge with black and emollient-rich molten gold for a dramatic rock chick look. The Disco Look is very glittery. It contains a glittery pale gold beige, glittery olive and matte black. The glitter shades are again more pigmented than the usual pop shades. The matte black is very dry and not really all that great in quality. I like other blacks out there more. It’s drier than the other mattes in the palette and preforms at a poorer rate. It’s streaky and dry. It doesn’t blend easy it takes some work. This Disco Look was unusable for me, I don’t like glitter eyeshadow at all and the black was terribly dry.

I really much prefer her newer formula in the Instant Look in a Palette versus this formula. I know this is the standard Charlotte Tilbury formula but those new buttery soft shades from the recent palettes are killer. I found most of the looks the shimmery shades tended to be very light on the eye, I used the matte to deepen the color some. I tended to use the matte all over the lid first to get some color then add the shimmery shade on top. You can play and blend however you like.

This wasn’t my favorite Charlotte Tilbury palette. Mostly because the last 3 shades I won’t use, same as the middle glittery shade in the date eye. The rest of the palette is a group of neutrals you can mix and match. I was happier mixing from the looks versus sticking to just the three shades as intended. This palette has a mix of neutrals and textures that you can play with. Wile the textures weren’t my favorite, because I’m spoiled by her new amazing Instant Look in a Palette textures, they did last most of the day without fading and there’s enough shades to suit anyone for a neutral look. As it is a holiday palette the sparkle will be good for parties if you do that kind of thing.

Top to Bottom is Left to Right in Palette:

Closer look at first two looks:

Closer look at second two looks:

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